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Gord Kubanek

Gord Kubanek is married with three children. He is a professional Engineer, a High School Physics teacher, a former beekeeper and a writer of children’s books. Gord is a dedicated Green having run six times as a candidate, both provincially and federally in the ridings of Nepean-Carleton, Carleton and now Nepean. 

Gord has devoted his environmental energies in working as a Board member with the Canadian Association for the Club of Rome, an environmental think tank, whose parent in Rome funds environmental research and projects like the research that became the [in]famous book “Limits to Growth”. 

Gord has lived in the Greater Ottawa Area for 30 years, raising 3 daughters with his beloved wife, on a hobby farm that is fossil-fuel free. Gord believes that unless the core Green Party value of people learning to live within the carrying capacity of our environment, of which we are but a small part, human civilization will collapse as the Mayans and others have done in the past.

Gord completed his undergrad in chemical engineering at Queens University. He holds a Master’s Degree in the same field from McGill University but spent most of his life teaching High School Physics in the USA, Quebec, Australia and finally in Ottawa where he now resides. 

During the time he was trained in System Dynamics from MIT, the computer modelling methodology responsible for the Limits to Growth Model, he found a good match between his love of Creation and his logical Engineering mind. This highly rational training is what directed Gord to becomd a Green Party candidate in 2007. He felt strongly that he had to “put his money where his mouth” is. Once he understood that “fixing” our destruction was not primarily a technical issue [although it helps!] but rather a question of values, he became a 3rd order Franciscan, following in the path of St. Francis who is the Patron Saint of the Environment for being explicit in stating that ALL creation has equal value, and ALL creation must be nurtured or we risk destroying ourselves in our self-centred arrogance – as we are clearly doing now.

Nepean 2021 Federal Election Debate

September 2, 2021