Gordon Kubanek will carry the flag for the Green Party in Nepean

Gordon Kubanek will carry the flag for the Green Party in Nepean


Gordon Kubanek will carry the flag for the Green Party in Nepean

Candidate inspired by work of St. Francis—the Patron Saint of the Environment

Nepean, Aug 20—Veteran Green Gordon Kubanek will carry the Green Party’s message forward in Nepean this election. Mr. Kubanek holds degrees in engineering and is a High School Physics teacher. He is happily married with three daughters, two of whom are married. This is the sixth time Mr. Kubanek is running as a Green Party candidate in the ridings of Nepean, Carleton and Nepean-Carleton. 

Gord Kubanek first ran for the Green Party of Ontario in the former riding of Nepean-Carleton in the Party’s 2007 breakthrough election, when it earned 8.3% support province-wide. He came to the Greens after being inspired by the words of St. Francis, the Patron Saint of the Environment. “St. Francis had it right”, Kubanek says, “all creation has equal value, and all creation must be nurtured, or we risk destroying ourselves in our self-centred arrogance, like we are doing now.” 

Gord believes that unless the core Green Party value of people learning to live within the carrying capacity of our environment becomes reality, human civilization risks collapse as the Mayans and others have done in the past. 

“Sustainability is the key. Living in balance with nature is the only way we will avert an enormous human tragedy. We can’t continue to pretend climate change isn’t happening at a rapid, artificial pace. Humankind is responsible.  We must come together to find a solution, and fast”, he said.

The Green Party is the only party talking seriously about sustainability. It is the only party with a real plan to solve the climate crisis and to transition fossil fuel industry workers into Green jobs, so they don’t get left behind and will be part of the green economy moving forward. 

“Everyone has a role to play”, Kubanek says. “The environment exists everywhere. This isn’t just about nature. It is our everything—without ‘our environment’ there is no life.” 


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